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Tax Efficient Entity Structuring Strategic Tax Planning Federal & State Tax Credits, Incentives & Deductions Cashflow Management and Bookkeeping

Customer Testimonials

Norei Smith

Ashish is by far the best accountant I've ever worked with. As a real estate investor, my taxes can get a little complex, so I really appreciate how knowledgable and efficient he is. I had quite a bit to work through when we first began, and I was amazed at how fast we got everything all buttoned up and now take a more proactive approach with tax planning!

Zachary Aldridge

If you’re looking for a rockstar cpa, look no further. Hiring Ashish is one of the best investments Ive made. He goes above and beyond to answer all the tax questions I have and completely held my hand the whole way through tax season. Now he’s helping me with tax planning for the coming years and answers any questions I have throughout the year all for a single very affordable price. I can’t thank him enough for his services and am blessed I found him early on in my investing journey. Thanks man!

John Roberts

Ashish is a very caring professional that will take the time it needs to get you the best possible savings. He is very thorough and knows the tax law in and out. He is an expert in real estate and can answer any question you may have as well as educate you on things that will best benefit you

Josiah Cooper

Ashish went above and beyond to help with my business and personal tax filings. As a real estate investor, I need someone who is extremely knowledgeable in real estate filings & also help me build a solid foundation moving forward. I found that with Ashish. I highly recommend him!

Accounting Solutions
You Can Count On

Joint Venture and operating agreement structuring
Federal and state tax credits, incentives and deductions
Cost segregation studies
Strategic tax planning
Review of repairs and capitalization methods
Opportunity zone fund structuring
Project cash flow and profitability analysis
Tax reform guidance
Cashflow management to understand cash
Budgeting and forecasting to avoid pitfalls
Vendor analysis to increase net income
Benchmarking your business with overall industry to evaluation all the financial ratios
Evaluating financial statements to grow
Detail Year over year variance analysis to better understand the trends
Evaluation KPIs and how you can leverage those to